Can I download one ebook to multiple devices during the checkout period (i.e. a computer, a Nook, an iPad, and iPhone)?

Yes! You can download an EPUB eBook to any device authorized with your Adobe ID. Because you can only register six devices to an Adobe ID, you can only download to six different devices. Your computer counts as one device. Download eBooks during the checkout period by going to OverDrive > My Account > Currently checked out > Download

You can also download Kindle books to all Kindle devices and Kindle apps registered with your Amazon ID. After you deliver your Kindle eBook to your first device, all devices registered with your Amazon Account will automatically receive your title after syncing.

NOTE: Library books are delivered to Archive in the Kindle app. You must click on the title to finish downloading.


ADE: What is Adobe Digital Editions?

Adobe Digital Editions is a free eBook reader application used to read DRM-protected EPUB eBooks. Adobe Digital Editions must be installed and activated in order to download and read EPUB eBooks from OverDrive on your computer.


Are eBooks deleted when they expire?

No, eBook files remain on your computer or device until you delete them.


KINDLE: I can't find my library Kindle book on my device, where is it?

If you cannot find your title after you've checked out a Kindle book and delivered it to your device, then try syncing the device. NOTE: If you are using the Kindle app, you will find your borrowed title in Archive.


What are eBooks?

An e-book (short for electronic book and also known as a digital book, ebook, and eBook) is an e-text that forms the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book, sometimes restricted with a digital rights management system.


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