Can I return Overdrive audiobooks early to make room in my account to download new items?

Early releses of the OverDrive Media Console app didn't allow audiobooks to be returned early. With the release of OverDrive Media Console v2.4 for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, users can now return audiobooks. 
The system requirements are still the same. The free apps can be installed on phones and devices running…

  • Android v1.5 (or newer)
  • Touch screen BlackBerry OS v4.7 (or newer)
  • Non-touch screen BlackBerry OS v4.5 (or newer)
  • Windows Phone 7 (or newer)

Unfortunately, you still can't return audiobooks on a Kindle or iOS device. Once you have reached the 5 item limit on your Overdrive account, you have to wait for one of your items to expire before downloading another item.   However, you may return ebooks early using the Overdrive app or Kindle app.  Select the item then from the menu pick Delete and then Return then Delete.


ADE: How do I activate a supported eBook device using an Adobe ID?

To activate an eBook device using an Adobe ID…

  • Connect the eBook device to your computer.
  • Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Adobe Digital Editions launches and detects the eBook device. The 'Device Setup Assistant' dialog box is displayed.
  • Click 'Authorize Device'.
  • Adobe Digital Editions activates the eBook device. You can now transfer DRM-protected Adobe eBooks to the device.

Note that both Adobe Digital Editions and the eBook device must be activated with the same Adobe ID to transfer DRM-protected Adobe eBooks to the device.



iPAD: Where can I get the OverDrive Media Console mobile app for my iOS device?

OverDrive Media Console for iOS is available for download at the App Store.


I forgot my Adobe ID, how do I retrieve it?

Go to www.adobe.com and click "Trouble signing in?" You will be asked to reset your password.

ANDROID: How can I download eBooks and eAudiobooks to my Android device?

Our Android guide explains how to download eBooks and eAudiobooks to your device.


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