ADE: How can I transfer an EPUB eBook to my iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch using Adobe Digital Editions on my computer?

Adobe Digital Editions does not recognize an iPad. You will have to download the Bluefire Reading app to transfer an EPUB from your computer to the iPad.

Follow these instructions:

  1. First make sure your computer has Adobe Digital Editions and is authorized with your Adobe ID
  2. Download Bluefire Reader on your iPad from the App Store and authorize it with the SAME Adobe ID
  3. Download your ebook to your computer with Adobe Digital Editions if you haven't already done so
  4. Plugin your iPad to your computer and open iTunes and go to the iPad device and then the Apps tab and scroll down and look for the "Sharing"
  5. Tell iTunes and Bluefire where the PDF or EPUB file is saved on your computer, probably in your "My Digital Editions" folder, and it will then upload it to the iPad and you can read it in Bluefire Reader
  6. Get step-by-step instructions from Bluefire

NOTE: If you have a wireless connection, the easiest way to get an EPUB onto an iPad/ iPhone/iPod Touch is through the OverDrive Media Console app.


ADE: How do I activate Adobe Digital Editions anonymously?

If you prefer to activate Adobe Digital Editions anonymously…

Open Adobe Digital Editions.

  • The 'Setup Assistant' dialog box is displayed.
  • Click 'Continue'.
  • The 'Authorize Computer' screen is displayed.
  • Select the 'Don't Authorize Computer' option.
  • Click 'Activate'.
  • You are prompted to confirm that you do not want to activate Adobe Digital Editions using an Adobe ID at this time.
  • Select 'Continue'.
  • Click 'Finish' to close the 'Setup Assistant' dialog box.

If you choose not to activate Adobe Digital Editions using an Adobe ID at this time, you may do so later.



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