Written by: 
Anna Szczepanski

 (Fraser, CO) Ashtyn Laraby, Lily Smith, and Rosemary Trotter hang out at the Fraser Valley Library a lot. You might even call them “regulars.” So when the three fourth-graders heard that the library was facing budget shortfalls, they decided they could do something about it.

“We heard it might be open fewer days and we really like the library because we really like to read,” Laraby said. The girls started an impromptu bake sale, selling homemade cookies and brownies to their teachers and coaches. Through their fundraising efforts they learned some valuable lessons, like that the baking part of their plan was easier than the selling part.

“Asking people was hard. Because we’re shy. Really shy,” the girls admitted.

“And we really wanted them to buy some so we were nervous they would say no.” Trotter added.

The total raised is $21, which will go toward supporting the Fraser Valley Branch.  “If we helped maybe keep it open just a few days it would still mean a lot,” said Laraby. “We made a difference—a little one.”

“A lot of people didn’t think it was a very good idea, but we stuck with it,” the girls said.

It was the first time these friends started their own fundraiser, but it likely won’t be their last. “People always say this, but I really felt it. It’s better to give than receive,” said Trotter.