Jimmy Thomas Awarded Colorado Librarian of the Year

Written by: 
Marmot Library Network

Jimmy Thomas, Executive Director of the Marmot Library Network, is being honored by the Colorado Association of Libraries for his outstanding contributions to the library community.

Jimmy brings new energy, vision, and focus to Marmot by introducing new technologies and services that have greatly enhanced patron experiences.  Jimmy made an impressive contribution to Colorado libraries and library users throughout the state after winning a $226,000 federal grant and implementing “Sharing Library Resources Across the Divide”.

His vision and leadership on “Sharing Library Resources Across the Divide” is a significant achievement of the year. Fifteen public and academic libraries, mostly on the Western Slope of Colorado, were able to join the Prospector shared catalog system that was already serving 26 academic and public libraries along the Front Range and in Wyoming. Jimmy’s vision has brought Colorado libraries together for a true north/south/east/west library network able to offer many more resources to their patrons.

“It is always a pleasure to give recognition to the amazing library community in Colorado,” said Jordana Vincent, Chair of the Awards Committee.  “There are so many wonderful things going on around the state and amazing people doing them!  It is my privilege to let everyone know about the great stuff that happens here.”

Winners will accept their awards at the CAL Conference on Friday, October 14, 2011 at the Embassy Suites Conference Center in Loveland, Colorado.  Tickets for the Awards Dinner Ceremony can be purchased at http://www.cal-webs.org/CAL_Conference.html