Frequently Asked Questions - Office Services

You can only print from your laptop while in the Fraser Valley Library, Granby Library, or Juniper Library @ Grand Lake. Download the correct auto-installer for your location (see link below). After the auto-installer completes, a Print Client will open on your machine.  When you are finished and press close or shutdown your computer, the application will disappear.

Watch a video on how to install the Print Client onto your WIndows laptop.

Watch a video on how to install the Print Client onto your Mac laptop.

Each library is equipped with a fax machine, printer(s) computers for public use and FREE wireless internet. 

  • Black & white copies or prints : $.10 per side
  • Color copies or prints: $1.00 per side
    Deduct $.05 for bringing own paper.
  • Send fax:  Cover page free, $0.50 per page after cover
  • Receive fax: $0.10 per page
    We do not send faxes internationally.
  • Scan: Free


Some laptop owners receive an error when trying to print over the wireless network. Norton Antivirus pops up and says that the PrintClient was determined to be a threat. The solution is to temporarily disable Norton Antivirus.

  • Right-click the Norton Antivirus tray icon on the lower right by the clock (you may have to click the arrow to see more icons).
  • Select "Disable Antivirus...."
  • Choose a length of time (15 minutes, 1 hour, etc.)
  • Proceed to download the print client

Watch a video on how to temporarily disable Norton AntiVirus.