The Grand County Library District

Our Mission:

Grand County Libraries: linking people to boundless opportunities.

Our Motto:

Mountain Libraries Elevate Minds

Our Purpose:

  • A library is an asset for individuals and the community to connect with information and ideas.
  • A library is a trusted source for enrichment and information literacy.
  • A library is a space for all people to connect, to share, to explore ideas, and to stimulate discovery.

How is the library funded?

In 1994, voters approved a 2.41 mill levy to establish Grand County Library District.  The library district has experienced declining revenues since 2011 with property values declining county wide.  Based on the 2016 assessment being down another 3% from 2015, the district continues to streamline processes, further reduce spending, and set reserve limits all for the goal of achieving a balanced budget.  In November, voters approved at .95 addition to the 2.41 mill levy to increase the total mill levy to 3.36 in an effort to reduce district debt by paying off the certificates of participation ten years early.  The increase of .95 to the mill levy will expire in 2026 and the 2.41 mill levy will remain for operations.

2018 Budget:

The approved 2018 budget includes a special revenue fund established for the financials associated with the Grand County Library Foundation, previously recorded within the Library District’s general fund. This allows for greater separation of reported financial information. With Grand County assessed values reduced by .2%, anticipated revenues decreased by $52,000. Operating expenditures have been increased by 4%, for a total operating budget of $1.6 million as we continue to review district priorities. Continuing to work within a balanced budget the 2018 is the first in six years that shows positive net income and does not rely on reserves to carry operations. Use of reserve funds are budgeted solely for capital projects district wide.