GCLD was established so that all revenues are collected in a general GCLD fund. This is stated in the 1994 agreement to establish the Library District in Grand County. Taxes are raised from Grand County property owners to provide for the operation and maintenance of library services for everyone living within the geographic area. The GCLD budget and accounting is also based on this premise. Costs are not allocated to a particular branch. This offers considerable advantages to all library card holders who access resources far outside those of a single branch.

Together as a District, there are significant savings and great opportunities for all the branches. Contracts, grants and consortium agreements which underpin many library services are possible and would not apply to individual branches. As an approach to management, it allows for great efficiencies. Many of the library services customers enjoy are initiated and managed through Central Services rather than duplicated in each branch. To name a few: finances and bookkeeping, collection development and the ordering and processing of the library materials you see on the shelves, children and adult programming, the maintenance and development of technology and online resources, human resources and facilities.

Although library buildings are significant as civic spaces and community centers, GCLD library customers are also county-wide and state-wide users. For instance, those who call Juniper Library branch their “home library” are savvy and looking for convenience. They will use a GCLD branch close to work, shopping or schools to pick up or drop off their library materials. They may also use their Grand County card in any Colorado library, request books and DVDs from across Colorado or use their card entirely from home, downloading their materials to a device or taking online courses. These statistics of library checkouts tell the tale. (See Appendix A)