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Travel using AtoZ Databases

AtoZ has six databases to help you explore foods, history, culture, maps, timelines, and travel.

  • Food America is a movable feast in a digital cookbook. 
  • World Food is a great starting point to learn about traditional recipes, culture, and dining etiquette from around the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
  • World Travel is an up-to-date comprehensive travel guide filled with practical information for experiencing the world and all its wonders. Perfect for students and travelers. 
  • The USA covers the diversity and history of our country, from sea to shining sea. This beautifully illustrated resource includes topics for each state such as:
    • Animals & plants
    • Biographies
    • History
    • Geography & Geology
    • Government & Politics
    • For the USA: Country Profile, Culture & Society, Famous People, Historical Timelines, and National Symbols
  • World Culture has information about 174 countries, including lesson plans for educators, world history, cultures, languages, foods, religions, and much more.
  • Maps Online is the world's most comprehensive collection of royalty-free downloadable maps for schools, academic institutions, and public libraries.

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