Grand County Community of Writers

The Grand County Community of Writers (GCCoW) provides support for local authors and aspiring writers in Grand County, Colorado. The GCCoW fosters unique voices and stories that capture a sense of life high in the Colorado Rockies. The group formed in September 2017 with two months of writing workshops led by Martin J. Smith, veteran journalist and author of 10 books - five novels, and five non-fiction books - with additional contributions to a number of anthologies and collections.

The Grand County Community of Writers meets at the Granby Library monthly for a writer’s workshop. Additional workshops, author talks, and writer and publishing panels occur throughout the year. For a specific list of dates and times, check the Grand County Library District’s program calendar.

To submit a piece for a workshop:

  • See sidebar for Submission Guidelines.
  • There is time during each workshop to discuss up to four submissions. If we receive more than four, some will be moved to the following month.
  • All workshop participants should carefully read and prepare thoughtful feedback for each piece prior to the date that piece will be discussed. Read “How to Be a Good Workshop Partner” by Martin J. Smith for more useful tips.

The Grand County Community of Writers has an active Facebook page. Join for more information on upcoming author talks, writing classes and other events.

The Grand County Community of Writers was formed with the support of: